Watch This: Star Wars – Rebels

Star Wars Rebels logo.png

Star Wars Rebels logo” Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

I’m rarely on the cutting edge of TV, and I love it. When I finally discover a new show to watch there are usually a couple of seasons just waiting to be enjoyed.

So after getting my first real fix of Star Wars in years with last month’s The Force Awakens, I was frantically searching for more galactic adventures and Star Wars: Rebels scratched that itch.

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Why We Love The Oscars

Awards season is upon us and you know what that means. It means we will mercilessly judge well-dressed strangers while sitting in our pyjamas with a bag of chips.

Celebrities make it easy to be cynical. They’re practically living advertisements for the clothes and jewelry designers loan them for the night, and many of us are aware of this. Why then, do we love to watch the Oscars? Is it the glamour of fame and fortune, critical interest in filmmaking? Perhaps for some, but I think most of us are watching for a reason that goes a bit deeper: validation.

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