The Dishwasher

The Dishwasher

I’m going to be the one who washes the dishes.

I’ve known this for awhile now but it wasn’t always this clear to me, in fact, I probably didn’t wash a load of dishes before I was twenty-one.

Why? Because my dad washes the dishes, he always has.

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A Christmas Poem

A Christmas Poem

Originally performed at Trinity Church, December 2013.    Photo by Matt Civico


God spoke and made heaven and Earth…he made everything on, under, inside, and above. God made man and woman to be with him and they were like him. And he gave them jobs, to work and explore, to create and enjoy. To worship God as king and queen of creation.

As you can tell things were going great. The first husband and wife had plenty; no need for socks or shirts. No, not nudists, they didn’t even know naked. The earth and everything in it, God entrusted it. Adam gave the lion his name and Eve ran her hands through his mane. But God had made friends, not toys, so when the serpent slid on the scene Adam and E, they filled their own cup. They drank the serpent’s wine, but it was actually turpentine.

After the Fall

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